Vanessa Giorgio, Founder

When Vanessa ‘Kitty’ Giorgio started teaching Yoga, an old friend said, ‘Now you’re the Lotus Kitty,’ and that became the studio name.

Empowering Cycling

I have been teaching Indoor Cycling since 1998. I was certified at Mad Dogg Athletics but when Mad Dogg bought the rights to the word Spin we could no longer use the term to describe our program. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise because it made me look at what exactly we teach at Lotus Kitty. I wanted it to be more of an experience than a workout. More of a recognition of the luxury to spend an entire hour dedicating all of your energy to yourself. It wasn’t just turning your legs in a circle to music and sweating, it was a detoxing of mind and body. I believe that absolute fitness involves the mental, emotional and physical bodies. When one is ailing the others suffer.

So our style of Indoor Cycling has to do with EMPOWERING the MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT! Hence “POWERCYCLING.”

Yoga and Balance

I practiced Yoga and I taught Spinning. Then when I realized that cardio was only half of the equation, I knew I would be remiss in not bringing this combination to my students. We needed to lengthen our muscles as well as strengthen them. Not to mention the calm and mind quieting aspects of Yoga. I enjoyed the rush of Indoor Cycling driven by powerful music, plus the physical benefits of intense cardio. I felt the combination of both was so crucial that I could no longer just teach Spinning.

I got certified to teach Yoga in 2002 and immediately started linking the practices. I believe it is a perfect union for a fit, lean strong body accompanied by a centered mind.

Lotus Kitty strives to enlighten and inspire our students in all of these areas. I am a fitness expert as far as these principles mainly because I practice them daily for myself and bring these experiences to my class. That is what spawns our weekly intention. I will often speak on something, referencing a personal experience, and after class I will be approached by one or more students asking me how I knew what they were going through. I love when this happens because it proves we are all going through similar lessons with different circumstances. We are all enrolled in Earth School!

Sculpting Bodies

I have an extensive personal training background and feel I am a master sculptress. I can absolutely change and sculpt anyone’s body with these practices along with healthy eating and consistency of workout. That means not missing every third session. Consistency is KEY in personal fitness and in every discipline that exists. Physical Discipline, Emotional Balance And Mental Examining and Re-Examining of the self will bring about Absolute Health!

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Vanessa Giorgio, founder Lotus Kitty Yoga & Spinning

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