Gretchen C.

“Lotus Kitty’s unique blend of spin and yoga is the perfect workout for body and mind. You get a great cardio workout first with the spin then you get an intense stretch and core workout with the yoga. All instructors are awesome and music selection sublime. It’s a great studio with really friendly people – can’t recommend highly enough!”


“I’ve been coming here for 2 years now and I love it more than ever. I still enjoy the Power Cycling classes but I love having the option to switch up my routine by taking their other classes like Ballet Core and Boxing Boot Camp. The instructors here are top notch and the environment is welcoming for people of all fitness levels.”

Torr L.

“This place is a great no-douche zone! I def recommend i if you can’t stand a cliched large gym environment. The teachers are nice and they give everyone personal attention. No contracts, which is awesome. And what’s really great is you don’t have to buy the special spin shoes since they have bikes that you can ride with normal sneakers. They also provide mats free of charge.”

Ryder R.

“So I am a 28 year old guy who has never done spin or anything like this. I consider myself in great shape. So I thought I would come in there and take a few classes for some easy cardio. Boy was I wrong. It was hands down one of the hardest hours of exercise I have ever had. I never thought as a 200lb man that a bunch of 100lb girls could be tougher than me.haha I need to say that though I was an obvious newbie; everybody was super welcoming and supportive. My instructor was amazing. The studio was simple. And everybody there came to exercise. What more could you ask for. I have a whole new respect for woman and what y’all go through to stay in shape.”

Michelle P.

“Lotus Kitty offers an amazing choice of classes, instructors, inspiration and intention. I never enjoyed spin until I tried Lotus Kitty.  Vanessa, Tonni, Michelle, Stacy and the others converted me with their unique mix of spin and yoga/weights/TRX combined with great music, instruction and general passionate enthusiasm.  The studio is clean, well appointed, conveniently located and always welcoming.  I highly recommend Lotus Kitty!”


“This is my other favorite spin studio in the neighborhood (Sherman Oaks-Studio City area). It’s nice to spin in a peaceful environment built for yoga classes. The teachers are intensely good and the yoga and ab exercises after spin classes will work you like no other. Very impressed with this studio.”


“This is a great spin studio. No actress wannabes trying to pass themselves off as trainers until their big break. This is a real studio, with a great workout that will have you begging for mommy at the end. Music is great, motivation is there and Vanessa and Stacy rock.

I went to THE RIDE and just couldn’t tolerate paying $15 for a mediocre class. The prices are better here, especially if you buy a series and the class is just BETTER. This is why people go to private studios instead of a gym, you get the full workout and you see the results.”


“Update here. It’s been a month and a half since I started my spin classes at Lotus Kitty and my body has completely transformed! The chub is gone, I can fit into these pants I bought a while ago that I haven’t been able to fit into, my arms and waist are thin and lean, and I feel great. No back pains, neck cramps, etc. and I have a spring in my step. You should try Toni’s TRX class. Between all of the different classes this studio offers, you can work every muscle in your body and get your cardio in. I’ve already turned a couple of people onto Lotus Kitty and they love it too.”


I love this studio so much, it’s stupid.  I’ve been coming seven months and it’s safe to say I’m addicted.  The teachers are ALL fun, encouraging, approachable, they all have their own style and they all play great music. I suggest you try all their classes to find which you like the best.  Total Body, Sculpt, Yoga, incorporate all of them, you will get such a great,  well-rounded workout over the week. You should definitely try Burlesque Releve, it’s empowering, so so much fun, and a freakin workout. And, I just started taking the TRX classes…oh my word. You will be sore for days, it’s awesome. I love all of it, can hardly go a day without it. It will make you feel amazing and transform your body. Just try it once, I defy you not to love it, too.”


“I never expected to enjoy spinning as much as I do. It’s been three months since I joined LK and I can definitely say I’m hooked! The combination of instructors, music, class schedule and distance from home make it a perfect fit. Each instructor brings their own personality and music taste to class which makes it fun and helps time pass quickly.

LK isn’t just about spinning. When I first heard about spinning I thought it was all about sitting on a bike for an hour and peddling as fast as I can. How naive I was! There are a mix of classes from “just spinning” to total body workouts and Yoga but even the “just spinning” class is sooo much more! The instructors incorporate simulated jumps (which can be exhausting!) and other moves to strengthen different muscle groups while getting an excellent cardio workout. They guide and instruct but ultimately it’s up to each individual to choose their own workout difficulty level.  I don’t always attend the same class due to my work schedule. Even after all this time there’s still one or two instructors whose classes I haven’t attended. Whenever I haven’t seen a particular instructor for a while because it’s a time slot I don’t normally attend I’m always greeted with a friendly face and “haven’t seen you in a while!” I really feel like part of the LK family and I do mean family. Vanessa, the owner, has created a great environment where you feel like part of a family!  If you’re thinking about joining, I can’t recommend enough to give it a try!”


“Lotus Kitty came into my life about 4 months ago, and I am so incredibly grateful for being introduced!  I was brand new to spin, and grew to love it almost immediately!  Every ride is a journey, and the teachers all bring their own special flare with INCREDIBLE music and inspiration which makes the class fly bye!  Stacy is HILARIOUS and such a fierce little bad ass, with such an amazing mix of music and sarcasm to keep you entertained…Vanessa is incredibly inspirational and motivates you  beyond your limits….Tonni finds your inner athlete and makes you feel like you missed your calling and could have wound up in the Olympics if you found her sooner… (you really probably could have, she trains Olympic athletes!!!) :)   The list goes on and on, they are all amazing, and there are so many different types of classes and fusions to mix it up!   You leave there feeling amazing and it’s hard not to forge new friendships as well, with such awesome people working there, I know I have!  If you are looking for a new workout that you will likely grow addicted to, I highly recommend checking out Lotus Kitty!!!”