Private Training Lotus Kitty Style

Lotus Kitty is the premier fitness studio for on-site personal training in Studio City.  A true fitness innovator, founder Vanessa Giorgio does not rely on convention means, and unlike the crowded and noisy traditional gyms, Lotus Kitty sessions take place in a semi-private, dedicated workout space where you can concentrate and break through barriers.

Lotus Kitty offers private yoga, cycling and weight training. Depending on your goals, we can create a program with a concentration in one area, or a mix of disciplines to keep you motivated and progressing toward the results you want.

Consistency and Results

Consistency is one of the main reasons people seek a trainer. Individuals who utilize a trainer are more likely to work out, and consistency is the key to fitness achievement. A trainer will concentrate solely on you, and along with the personal attention and customized training, you will have an accountability partner who is invested in your success.

Our mission is to motivate, challenge, build confidence, instruct, educate, and provide the highest caliber personal training to get you results.

I can absolutely sculpt anyone’s body with these practices, plus healthy eating and consistency. Consistency is key.

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Vanessa Giorgio

Through years of private training and group classes, I have developed and refined a unique hybrid fitness approach that gets results by combining fitness disciplines. Depending on your goals, we will structure a mix of Power Cycling (formerly known as Spinning), TRX, core work and yoga. This allows you to attain the strength, energy and the body type you desire. I practice these disciplines daily, so I am giving you first hand information. A lot of emotional and mental work goes on as well. I believe to truly be healthy we must have balance in all three bodies РMental, Physical and Emotional.

Michael Johnson

As a road cyclist and triathlete, Michael is known for his focused and determined training style. From concentrating on form to pushing physical limits, Michael inspires all of his students to reach for their potential. In addition to being a competitive road cyclist, Michael is a Lotus Kitty Power Cycling instructor, giving him a comprehensive expertise on cycle training to increase strength, speed and endurance, and create lean muscle mass. He has also developed a circuit-based training program for Lotus Kitty and brings a well-rounded skill set to developing programs for each of his private clients.

Tonni Ratcliff

Be ready to find your inner athlete and do it with a smile! Tonni is an avid, life-long competitive mid-distance to endurance runner and athlete. Her one-on-one sessions help individuals reach their personal best in training. Toni believes that training should be tangible, and with the added power of connecting mind and body, anything is achievable for each individual. Her goal is to make you realize that whatever level you’re at, you can, “Jedi mind trick the body” to success, and, “Nothing beats a failure but a try.”

Tonni holds certifications in both Personal Training and Group Training, along with certifications in Track and Field, Distance, Endurance and Agility training as well as TRX and Barre Training. Her knowledge and expert ability to drive you to achieve your fitness goals makes her one of LK’s gems and most sought after trainers!

Stacy Kleinz

Stacy has been doing personal training for over five years. Her certifications include ISSA, TRX, and SPIN, and Stacy was personally trained in Power Cycling under Vanessa Giorgio. Her training techniques include Power Cycling, TRX and light weights, resistance bands and core work. You can rest assured that you will get a total body workout that you will feel the next day with Stacy. She is famous with her clients for her humor, which elevates their mood, and her fierce attitude that inspires them.

She’s such a little badass!


$100/hr – Vanessa

$75/hr – Michael, Tonni, Stacy

Private Training