Our Story

At Lotus Kitty we revolutionize the group fitness norm and deliver a one-of-a-kind Hybrid Fitness studio, not just focusing on workout, but actually all aspects of wellness. We maintain a boutique atmosphere with strong emphasis on community.

Power Cycling is our brand of indoor cycling. Yes it relies on high intensity cardio and strength training to achieve endurance, weight loss and toning but we also address how you think and feel.

The word fitness is deceptive in that most think it refers solely to the physical body. However, “absolute fitness” requires not only health of the body but in addition demands health of the mind and soul. It takes conscious effort and reflection in all three areas to achieve this superior level of fitness.

To actualize absolute fitness, Lotus Kitty successfully combines Power Cycling with Yoga. Therefore fusing the Yin and Yang. By combining these seemingly separate disciplines Lotus Kitty has been able to establish itself as the premier hybrid fitness studio in Los Angeles offering its clients the ability to cross-train and get the benefits from different workouts in one session.

We have purrrfected the Hybrid concept, and now offer PC/Yoga, PC/Sculpt, PC/Total Body, PC/TRX, Yoga/Sculpt, TRX/Yoga and single disciplines as well. Break the cycle of repetitive workouts and challenge your body and mind in new ways. We are here to learn and grow, let’s do it together.

Our goal at Lotus Kitty is to encourage you to LIVE healthy in all aspects of your life!

Vanessa Giorgio
Our Story