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Lotus Kitty – Spinning Hearts Like A Wheel

Boulevard Magazine covers the top spin studios in the San Fernando Valley, featuring Lotus Kitty. “Many fitness experts will tell you that if you want to achieve optimum fitness, you cannot do just one kind of workout. Lotus Kitty Hybrid Fitness in Studio City gets that and puts it out there with their patented brand

Henpicked.com Wisdom of Women

Health Resolutions: A New Approach

Vanessa contributed an article on Health Resolutions for the New Year to Henpicked.com, a website dedicated to the “Wisdom of Women.”  The article outlines a specific 5 point sample plan, demonstrating a new approach to setting meaningful, measurable goals with action steps and deadlines.  Read the full article here.

Corporate Fitness Training with Lotus Kitty

The San Fernando Business Journal published this December 2015 story about Lotus Kitty Corporate Fitness Training, featuring Corporate Fitness Training clients Warner Brothers and Film Track.  

Total Wellness at Lotus Kitty

  Boulevard Magazine covers Lotus Kitty’s total wellness approach and the combination of Power Cycling for endurance and weight loss with yoga and sculpt to balance the body, mind and soul.  

Studio City Lifestyle Interviews Vanessa

Vanessa talks about creating community, customer service, and the importance of Lotus Kitty being a place you can go 3-6 times per week and feel like family.  Also covered: top tier instructors and the studio environment, consistent 5-star Yelp Ratings, signature classes and taking time for yourself. “You workout surrounded by kindred spirits and feel

Food Republic Magazine

Food Republic Features Vanessa on “That Cali Lifestyle”

Vanessa was a featured in an article “Fitness for the Soul,” part of a series called #Influencers about “That Cali Lifestyle,” where she talks about her pastimes when she’s not teaching and her favorite CA places. She talks about hiking Fryman Canyon with her German Shepard, Prophet, going out to new restaurants, and her love of San

Lotus Kitty Crew Helps Habitat for Humanity

Lotus Kitty owner Vanessa Giorgio believes in the connection between yoga and female empowerment.  Which is part of the reason she led a crew of 13 of her fitness studio clients volunteering for Habitat for Humanity in Santa Clarita.  Pictured below, Vanessa and the crew got hands on, helping to build homes for those in

Reach Your Fitness Goals at Lotus Kitty

  Boulevard Magazine talks New Year’s Resolutions and how to keep them at Lotus Kitty with a focus on “absolute fitness,” taking into account not only health of the physical body, but of the mind and soul.      

Wheels On Fire at Lotus Kitty!

Boulevard Magazine profiles Lotus Kitty and the broader focus of not just spinning, yoga and hybrid fitness, but in achieving total wellness and creating community.  Read about the early days of getting spinners to calm down and getting Yogis to add cardio to their practices.    

Lotus Kitty Review – High Energy & Harmony

L.A. Splash reviews Lotus Kitty and interviews Vanessa in the article, “Lotus Kitty Review – Vanessa Giorgio Creates High Energy and Harmony with Spin and Yoga” A few quotes from the article: “Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years and can benefit all ages—it’s never too late to start.” “You will look fabulous and

OurVentura Blvd Magazine

Lotus Kitty Named Best Spin Studio in Locals Choice

Lotus Kitty named “Best Spin Studio” in Locals Choice, described as, “A place for people who like to leave their workouts drenched in sweat, but with a sense of nirvana.”  The article can be seen on Our Ventura Blvd. Locals Choice.

Huffington Post Los Angeles

Huffington Post “Top LA Yoga” – Lotus Kitty #3

Lotus Kitty was named #3 in the Huffington Post’s “Best Yoga in LA, According to Yelp Reviews” article.  One of the quotes featured in the article: “I’m completely hooked on this spot. The teachers are phenomenal and the workouts have whipped me into shape in no time.” Read the full article here.

Ventura Blvd Interviews Vanessa

Ventura Blvd interviews Vanessa on how a fitness career chose her, the unique techniques at Lotus Kitty, and giving back to the community.