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Lotus Kitty Originals

Power Cycling

45 minutes of intense cardio. Power Cycling is indoor cycling at its best. Originally based on the premise of spinning, Power Cycling expands the discipline to encompass a broader level of awareness, incorporating mental stamina and emotional release. Each instructor pays close attention to musical variety and specific bodywork, making each class a unique cardio experience. Take a cycling journey that includes climbing, sprints, rolling hills and our signature jumps. This is cardio training at it’s finest, designed to bring about ultimate conditioning. Every class ends with mat work that includes push-ups and sit-ups to ensure a full body workout


A 60 minute class devoted to Yoga. The Lotus Kitty Yoga practice is a mixture of Ashtanga, Iyengar, and Anusara to create a beautiful flow practice.Classes differ every week to challenge the practitioner and avoid repetition. Accessible to the curious beginner and great for the practiced Yogi – each will be individually challenged, regardless of their experience level. Beginners will be given modifications and props to allow them to experience the full measure of the practice. Each class sets aside a moment for reflection and meditation to establish the right frame of mind to practice Yoga.


A 45 minute suspension training workout that leverages gravity and your body weight to perform a multitude of exercises. Lotus Kitty offers several different classes including TRX/YOGA which combines the two practices flawlessly. Starting with a hardcore sweatfest followed by a muscle lengthening restorative Yoga practice. We also have PC/TRX which begins with high intensity cardio Power Cycling, followed by classic TRX sequences. Lotus Kitty TRX training delivers a fast and effective total body workout.

Our Famous Hybrids

Power Cycling / Yoga

Our signature class begins with 35 minutes of Power Cycling, followed by 25 minutes of Yoga. The Yoga portion of the class focuses on opening parts of the body that become compressed during cycling. We do strong body sculpting standing poses, hip openers, core work and deep stretching. This combo is the best of both practices, a tailored workout that will feed the need for an exciting high cardio experience, but will also speak to the focus and calm related to Yoga.

Power Cycling / Sculpt

A 35-25 hybrid of Power Cycling and free weight training.  This class gives you a 35 minute cardio explosion and 25 minutes to tone your muscles with free weight sculpting set to music. Bodywork is tailored to compliment the riggers of cycling, including specific upper body exercises for a full body workout. Just when you think the workout is over, you will be guided through a series of core exercises on a yoga mat to round out the class.

Power Cycling / Total Body

A 40-20 hybrid comprised of 40 minutes of dynamic Power Cycling followed by a 20 minute mix of free weights, bootcamp, body weight exercises and core. This class focuses on total body toning. The second 20 minute portion of the workout focuses on the muscles commonly neglected during traditional weight training exercises.

Power Cycling / TRX

A 35-25: Get your ride in and then take it to the straps!  35 minutes of Power Cycling followed by 25 minutes of TRX Training (focusing on upper and lower body sculpting and toning using your own body weight with the support of TRX straps.)

TRX / Rock Bottom

A 45 minute hybrid of TRX suspension training with a specialized focus on the lower body – calves, quads, glutes and abs.  Toned legs, a strong core and a tight backside – it’s the class for that A$$!


A 60 minute class combining the strength building moves of TRX and the muscle elongating postures of Yoga for a complete full body workout that was created at Lotus Kitty.


A 45 minute heart pumping, fat blasting, hybrid class that will get the sweat dripping and build lean muscle. A mix between traditional weight training, TRX, plyometrics, a little bit of cardio, core, and more. This class is going to give you a tough workout and a sexy, toned body!


A 60 minute hybrid. There are two rules of Boxing Boot Camp: Have fun and burn off calories!  Boxing Boot Camp is a hybrid of boxing fundamentals and core exercises using up-tempo and high intensity boot camp exercises.  This workout will tone your arms and lower body, increase strength/cardio and burn fat!  Even if you have never thrown a punch, don’t be afraid to step into the ring (studio) to have a fun, heart pumping and stress relieving workout with your boxing coach, J.P.


BUTI Yoga intends to help you open your hips, and open your mind. BUTI classes fuse yoga, tribal dance and plyometrics. The classes are non-stop, sweaty, and fun – sure to get you lean and sexy from the inside out. BUTI follows a typical yoga flow, but each yoga transition has some sort of strength or cardio aspect involved, like push-ups, yoga burpees, plank holds, and dance-inspired movements. BUTI includes a lot of hip shaking and spiraling. Many students may laugh their way through the first class out of shyness – but as the class progresses the infectious feeling of endorphins released from the hip shaking keeps them coming back for more! Buti is a Marathi word meaning “the cure to something hidden or kept secret.” Join a BUTI class and free your spirit while getting a great workout!


A 60 minute high energy Yoga class paced to upbeat music that slowly winds you down into a blissful Savasana. Each class targets arms, core, and glutes with weights. so be prepared to sweat! We finish with a deep stretch to relax the body, open the heart, and release unwanted tension. Get ripped AND blissed out!

A La Carte Classes

Purely Power Cycle

50 minutes of pure, pumped up Power Cycling pleasure, followed by a short cool down stretch.

Sunday Burn

Early Sunday morning, get it in and get ‘er done! 40 minute Hard Core Power Cycle Class, no mat work.


A 45 minute suspension training workout that leverages gravity and your body weight to perform a multitude of exercises. Lotus Kitty offers several different classes including TRX Body Blast (multiple round sequence that alternates between upper and lower body exercises) and TRX Circuit Training (multi-round sequence that alternates between upper and lower body exercises and includes a cardio and recovery component). Lotus Kitty TRX training delivers a fast and effective total body workout paced to music.

Red Relevé

This 60 minute kinetic workout will push your physical limits while building a strong empowering diva within you!  It is a spirit-filled, sensual, invigorating and liberating experience without the intimidation factor.  By combining the structure of ballet and the freedom of burlesque-inspired movement, you are guided through a formatted conditioning sweat fest that will strengthen your arms, tone your abs, and sculpt your booty!

Circuit Complete Body

A 60 minute class that combines anaerobic (resistance training) exercises and aerobic (cardiovascular training) exercises in a series of workout stations. Circuit based training at its core, the Circuit fuses traditional circuit training with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) intervals to burn more calories per minute than traditional circuit training. The Circuit offers three different workouts: Upper Circuit (upper body weight training and cardio), Lower Circuit (lower body weight training and cardio) and Total Circuit (a combination of upper and lower body training and cardio). The Circuit utilizes time and/or repetitions to set the pace for transitions through the stations.

Detox Yoga

Long week? Crazy night out? Cleanse the Mind and Body with a little Detox Lotus Kitty style. The slightly heated class focuses on breath, clearing the mind and body, and balancing the Chakras. Restorative poses allow recovery and tension release. We end with calming music, aromatherapy and candlelight. You are guaranteed to feel refreshed. Suitable for all levels.


Before we can manifest a new future, we must balance the present.  Clear and prepare your mind, body, and spirit for the life experiences you have been waiting for. Each class is spirit guided and will work on clearing and cleaning the chakras of fear, depression, stress and anxiety. Clean and balanced chakras support weight loss, physical and emotional health, and can assist with relieving depression and anxiety. Holding on to emotionally charged memories of fear, guilt, shame, and hate create an imbalance in the body. Balancing our Chakras is an ongoing, continual process that can or should be done daily or weekly.

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