I use the same principles in private training as I do in my studio. In fact, the combination of these disciplines inspired me to take it to the public in a class setting. Depending on your goals we’ll structure a mix of Power Cycling (formerly known as Spinning), Weights, Core Work and Yoga. This allows you to attain the strength, energy and body type you desire. I practice these disciplines wholeheartedly and daily, so I am giving you first hand information, not something read in a book. A lot of emotional and mental work goes on as well. For I believe, to truly be healthy we must have balance in all three bodies- (Mental, Physical and Emotional).

The benefits of private training are:
1) You make an appointment with your schedule in mind, to ensure you can get there.
2) You can fluctuate week to week to accommodate yours or your children’s schedule .
3) The workout is geared directly to your body's needs, and can change with your progress.
4) You can bring your dog, or children if necessary.
5) Making an appointment has a extremely positive affect on your consistency; you are accountable because someone is meeting you.
6) You become accountable for your diet. I ask questions every time we meet and offer guidance in this area.
7) Oh yeah, and it’s fun and I’m cool to hang out with. (he he)

Lastly the setting at the studio is private, serene, and inspiring.

1 hour session:

Semi private: $110.00

Traveling to your home:
$125.00 for 1 person, $150.00 for semi-private

You must call 24 hours in advance to cancel. Re-scheduling is sometimes available. Payment can be weekly or monthly and must be paid at start of session

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