Vanessa Giorgio, Yoga and Spin Studio City



Designed to drastically change your body, educate you about foods and their effects, and build
a strong workout regimen.

"Wow, 12 weeks of KatCamp has been life changing to say the least. Looking back to May and how I felt in the first week and now finishing my second round, the changes in my body are profoundly different."

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Vanessa Giorgio, Yoga and Spin Studio City


Schedule: Monday-Friday from 6am-7am.
Cost: $750.00

Every day a different teacher.
Every day a different workout.
Every week a different eating challenge.
The Ultimate Cross-Train to keep your body continually transforming!

It's time to get serious about the body you deserve!

KAT CAMP ROUND 14 begins April 23rd - June 1st

Call us today to reserve your space: 818-980-8455



What people are saying:

"Looking forward to seeing you, and learning how to sweat (for the right reasons) again... for me, this bout of Katcamp is for the mental benefits...any "re-sizing" will be an added benefit. "

Yoga and Spin Studio City

"I was walking around in my undies last weekend and looked in the mirror and was so happy. I actually said out loud that I loved my body and it felt really amazing.My mental confidence has changed so much everyone has noticed, my family, friends and clients."

Yoga and Spin Studio City

"My life has started to change, and I will continue to be on this path, exercise, eating for my health and positive support. I am so proud of accomplishing this program and I feel strong and healthy.The Kat Camp team is incredible and I am very thankful to have them train me."


Yoga and Spin Studio City

"I just wanted to let you know how great I have been feeling lately - especially with my lower back issues. I can actually say that I can get out of bed every morning without any pain. I know that has to be due to Kat Camp. I am going to work on Yoga knowing that it will be beneficial for me in the long run. I just wanted to take the moment to let you know how great you and your staff are and am quite happy that I have found my home within your place."





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